Jupiter Jack 

Do you find it hard to answer your phone calls while driving? Are you always trapped in the situation where you need to choose whether you will answer your phone or just let your eyes stay on the road?

Most drivers will definitely say yes. Sometimes, we fail to answer important calls due to the logical reason that we do not want to get our eyes off the road in fear of accidents. However, there are instances that calls are greatly important to be missed.

In order to stay clear of being trapped while driving, have a Jupiter Jack on hand. You may be able to answer your phone, enjoy chatting for several minutes while staying focused on where you are going. With Jupiter Jack, risks of driving accidents are reduced.

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So, what is a Jupiter Jack?

If you have seen people on movies talking loudly to someone without somebody on board their car, they are not crazy. These people are simply talking to their phone with the use of Jupiter Jack. The Jupiter Jack is another phone accessory that enables you to hear and talk to someone on the other line without the need to hold your phone. It is not a headphone but a compact device that transmits your calls to your car radio and you can hear every word the person on the other line says on the car speaker.

How does the Jupiter Jack works?

All you have to do is to hook the Jupiter Jack on your phone and set your car radio’s frequency to 99.3 FM and you can start taking your calls. It transmits your calls to your car radio and you can hear the other person’s voice on your car speakers. It is like talking personally to a DJ. Additional good news is that the frequency in using Jupiter Jack has been increased. Now you can set the frequency between 88.3 and 89.3 as well as between 99.3 and 101.3.

The Jupiter Jack primarily works to allow any driver to answer important calls without the need to hold their phone or let their eyes wander off the road. You see, if you are able to talk to someone with you in your car while staying your eyes on the road, you would be able to do so with someone on the other line of your phone. Even in miles away, you can feel like that person is just a few inches from you.

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